Prince George Dental Practice Havant

Thorough and effective

I have had 6 implants carried out by Amir at Prince George Dental Practice in 2 sessions comprising 1 implant in the lower jaw and 5 in the upper jaw. When the treatment was first proposed I was very unsure, despite my denture finally becoming rather tiresome, and I am 79. I felt the technology was new and Amir’s implant training and experience were I thought very recent. However he spent some time with me reviewing my scans and I gradually gained in confidence and eventually received the one lower jaw implant. Having demonstrated a tendency to pass out in the surgery I was given Temazepam prior to the surgery and it all passed without any problems. The inevitable post op discomfort lasted for about a week but the results seemed excellent. The success gave me confidence to proceed with the 5 teeth in the upper jaw and again that proceeded with the help of Temazepam and although the surgery took about 90 minutes I was quite comfortable. Initial healing and discomfort lasted just over a week. The second surgery was just one year ago and I have had no problems at all. Amir has monitored things very closely and just recently put me on a daily mouthwash routine, presumably as a precaution. I cannot make informed comments, however the careful scans plus the precision and devices prepared for the exact placement of the implants seem thorough and effective, aftercare equally so.