Prince George Dental Practice Havant

Children's Dentistry

For children’s dentistry in Havant come along to Prince George Dental Practice. we believe the key to giving your child confidence within the dental setting is bringing them in early in their lives. We recommend that from the age of two children should attend an examination every six months. This will ensure problems, whether developmental or caused by decay, can be caught early..

Motivate children to prevent decay

We aim to provide a fun atmosphere for our younger patients and believe a visit to the dentist should be something a child looks forward to. We want to prevent decay rather than treat it. The key to this is to motivate children to look after their teeth. We ensure oral hygiene and dietary instruction is given in an enjoyable child-friendly manner.


We are confident that we can motivate your child to get dentally fit. So much so that we will offer you a ‘no win, no fee’ deal. Should we not be able to get your child to an acceptable level of oral health we will refund you your child’s examination fee!

'Arrest' decay to prevent fillings

It is possible to stop decay without the need to fill the tooth if caught in the early stages. When decay is ‘arrested’ it involves a hardening of the tooth which means prevention can work even after decay has started.

'Seal' the tooth to prevent fillings

We recommend that techniques such as fissure sealants and fluoride varnish be applied to the biting surfaces of children’s teeth to help prevent decay.

Fun sports guards

We believe sports guards should be comfortable to wear so recommend custom-made guards that come in a variety of fun colours.

Hygiene visits

We recommend that once adult teeth start to appear (approximately 6 years) a child should see the hygienist to help them with preventative habits.