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Dental Hygienist Havant

Dental hygienist Havant
For Dental hygienist appointments in Havant visit Prince George Dental Practice.

Good dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and a great looking smile. Brushing alone will not remove those stubborn stains and calcified deposits. Regular hygienist appointments help prevent the build up of calculus, gingivitis (bleeding gums), gum disease and dental cavities.

Your Hygienists at Prince George Dental Practice – Leanne Richardson, Rachel Haddow and Charlie Graham.

Our dental hygienists and therapists are skilled professionals specifically trained in spotting problems early on, maintaining restorations such as bridges crowns and fillings, cleaning your teeth and gums to prevent tooth decay and provide ongoing dental hygiene advice.

During your appointment the hygienist will carefully examine and chart your teeth and gums. They will note any bleeding, inflammation, swelling and the presence of calculus and plaque. The hygienist will then use special tools to remove the build up of plaque and calculus, especially in those areas you can’t access using everyday methods. Once this has been removed we use the latest paste to polish the surface and remove debris. This cleans your teeth thoroughly removing any superficial stains giving you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching.

The hygienist will provide you with advice and techniques to enable you to improve your own oral hygiene between visits and advise you on any special products of benefit to maintain great dental hygiene and lovely fresh breath!