Prince George Dental Practice Havant

Dental Implant

I am delighted with the result and the way the process was carried out at Prince George Dental Practice. I was particularly impressed by the way they removed the old tooth, it was mostly filling so could not be removed in one piece and turned out to have a bulbous root. In spite of this they showed amazing skill to get the tooth out without causing any bleeding. After this the whole process was plain sailing. As recommended, I took a few painkillers on the day of the operation but slept perfectly and stopped taking them as I had not pain. The program of follow up visits gave me the reassurance everything was proceeding well and the recovery went perfectly. The only thing I was aware of in this period was a gap between teeth. The implant is now fully fitted and I am delighted with the result. I am completely unaware of it except that I have a real tooth like all the others. I would like to thank them for the skill and care displayed throughout the process.