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Examinations and Preventative Dentistry

At Prince George Dental Practice we advocate minimally invasive dentistry.

We provide dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. We have a dedicated team of hygienists and state of the art equipment including Cone Beam CT scanning.  

Dental Examination & Oral Cancer screening

The main causes of tooth loss are gum (periodontal) disease and tooth decay. We recommend regular dental check ups where we carefully screen your teeth and gums for the early signs of decay and gum disease. During your check up we also carry out a full oral cancer exam. Regular check-ups allow early detection of abnormalities.Mouth cancer has a higher mortality rate than breast cancer or skin melanoma due to late detection. It can occur in any part of your mouth including your lips, tongue and throat. Visit your dentist if you notice anything unusual or if you are just unsure.  

During your dental examination we will:

  • carefully inspect each tooth looking for evidence of decay or deficiency
  • discuss with you any areas of abnormality, sensitivity or discomfort
  • assess the stability of existing dental work
  • check for signs of gum disease
  • check for signs of oral cancer
  • discuss any cosmetic treatment available to you
  • offer advice and guidance

Periodontal (gum) disease

The early early signs of gum disease are swollen bleeding gums. If left untreated the tissues around the teeth break down, the gum peels away from the tooth and pockets can form. The bone beneath this pocket is gradually lost and eventually the teeth could become loose and painful. In the early stages this can be resolved simply by improved oral hygiene and regular visits to the hygienist. Visits to our hygienists are tailored to each individual’s needs and treatment monitored to protect against gum disease.

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