Prince George Dental Practice Havant

The perfect dentist

I have been a patient of Prince George Dental Practice for some years and during that period I have had quite a lot of dental work performed by Dr Amir Moughadam. The majority of the treatment has been for dental implants and to date, and I do hope that I am nearing the last of them, I have had seven. Sadly, I don’t have perfect teeth and have regularly required invasive treatment. Therefore visiting a dentist has never been an experience to look forward to, even a standard check up would cause acute anxiety. However, I have to say, that for me, Dr Amir has been the perfect dentist. He is extremely caring and goes to great lengths to put my mind at rest before undertaking any treatment. He always tells me what he is about to do at every stage of every procedure, has been very gentle and thoughtful as to both my physical and mental well being. Indeed I cannot think of a single incident when I have incurred any pain and invariably, after each session, I wonder why I was ever worried in the first place.